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Down to the Wire: Tips & Tricks for the Final Days of the 2020 Election

We are just five days away from the end of voting in the most important election of our lifetimes.

There is no way to know exactly when we will have winners announced because of the record-breaking number of early voters and mail-in ballots (1). It is possible that results might look very different on Election Day as opposed to when all ballots are counted (2).  However, we do know that the last day to make your voice heard is THIS Tuesday, November 3rd. Simultaneously, this year has flown by and dragged on slowly. Our democracy has been tested every day and events are taking mental and physical tolls on so many. 

With voter suppression running rampant, COVID-19 casualties rising, more police violence against unarmed Black citizens, and the hypocritical, sham confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, cementing a 6-3 conservative majority, in place of Justice Ginsburg (after over 60 million Americans had already voted), people are tired and furious (3). I urge you to channel that anger as much as possible into impacting these last days. 

The entire nation and world will have its eyes on the outcome of our election in the coming weeks. We have to get this done.

I’d like to share some final tips, tricks, and ideas for getting yourself through the end of this exhausting, frustrating, inspiring roller-coast of an election cycle and maximizing your impact in the last weekend of Get Out the Vote (GOTV) across the country.

Final Ways to Get Involved

1. VOTE!!!!

  • Make sure you have a plan in place for yourself to vote if you have not already done so

  • It is too late to mail back your ballot so you must drop it off in-person or vote in-person on Election Day

  • Tip: check out iwillvote.com to see where your polling place and/or ballot drop-box are located 

2. Phonebank for your favorite candidate 

3. Phonebank into your choice of swing state (4)

  • Current “toss-up” states: Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas

  • Current swing states that are leaning Blue, but still need to ensure turnout: Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin 

  • Trick - Google: [state] + [phonbank] + [Mobilize]

4. Phonebank for Victory 2020 (Biden/Harris campaign)

  • Then you don’t have to pick a state - they’ll do it for you: check out the how-to here!

5. Make sure everyone you know has voted or has a concrete plan to vote

  • Oftentimes, you assume the people close to you have definitely voted, but this isn't always the case! 

  • Make plans with friends and family to drop of their absentee ballot in person or vote on Election Day

  • If you haven’t voted yet, create a voting crew and go to the polls together! 

6. Donate!

  • Campaigns still need funds through Election Day so they can be successful 

  • Donate whatever you can --> even $5 dollars helps candidates greatly - especially because many Democratic campaigns depend on grassroots donors to win

Ways to Protect Your Mental Health in the Last 5 Days & Beyond:

(Especially while we might still be waiting for results):

1. Make sure you're giving your body the basics it needs to function properly!

Staying hydrated, eating food, trying to sleep, taking deep breaths, being gentle with yourself and your potentially scrambled brain, wearing a mask/PPE if applicable

2. GOTV is mostly online this year… take screen breaks throughout volunteering

3. Take breaks on Election Day and the days that follow from checking Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and results in general 

4. Listen to soul-feeding podcasts (that are political, but also hopeful and joyful) - here are some of my favorites right now:

5. Watch inspiring documentaries featuring incredible women:

Images (from left to right): Knock Down the House, Surge, Becoming

6. Immerse yourself in the politics of alternate worlds/times

7. Read books by your favorite politicians, activists, or academics

Take care of yourselves and keep up the fight until the very end! There is still so much to be done in these last FIVE (5) days that can change the outcome of the election. Every single Democrat -- from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris down the ballot to your local school board -needs your help right now. Let’s take back the White House and Senate, keep the House of Representatives, and restore democracy, decency, and hope to our country.


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  2. 2020 Election Count Red Mirage Blue Shift

  3. Confirmation Amy Coney Barrett Silver-lining

  4. 270towin.com

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