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Georgette Gómez, a Progressive, Pragmatic Beacon for California

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“One of my top priorities is to combat climate change and fight for environmental justice. This must be a bipartisan effort because the consequences of climate inaction will have severe repercussions for everyone.” ~ Georgette Gómez, candidate for California's 53rd Congressional District.


A first generation Mexican-American and native San Diegan, Georgette grew up in San Diego’s Barrio Logan community to working class immigrant parents – her father was a gardener and her mother worked minimum wage jobs (1).


Georgette’s priorities include Medicare for All, expanding affordable housing, reducing homelessness, investing in public transit and infrastructure, championing clean air and water, defending immigrants’ rights and fighting for more federal funding for San Diego communities (1).


The first LGBTQ Latina elected San Diego City Council President, Georgette’s legislative accomplishments include expanding affordable housing, strengthening protections for low-income renters, leading implementation of the city’s landmark Climate Action Plan and delivering millions in new funding for community priorities including street repairs, parks and libraries (1).

An exclusive Women to Win Interview with Georgette Gómez

Women to Win: One of your stated priorities is the issue of homelessness. According to the Trevor Project, as much as 40% of all homeless youth are members of the LGBTQIA community. How does your professional experience and personal perspective influence your approach to tackling the issue of homelessness in ways that also assist the most vulnerable in an already-vulnerable population? GG: As City Council President I have always made affordable housing one of my top priorities. I am committed to ensuring there is greater public housing assistance, federal grants for affordable housing projects, and expanded funding for the Section 8 housing program.

As a first generation Queer Latina, I can share parts of the lived experience of LGBTQIA youth, which helps me understand their intersectional needs and history. I can better advocate for an equitable approach to affordable housing and ensure that a higher proportion of eligible families and individuals can receive vouchers and housing assistance, and support the homeless population as well as those at risk of eviction.

Women to Win: What is a problem unique to California’s 53rd District that you have a political solution for?

GG: California’s 53rd District is a border district and that makes immigration and border crossing policies especially important and unique to CA-53. Recently, we saw that Customs and Border Protection slowed down traffic to make people “think twice” before crossing the border.

Consequently, individuals sat in their vehicles with idle engines for 10+ hours. Not only do these policies and actions negatively impact our climate, but they’re also an issue of environmental justice because they disproportionately affect the communities neighboring the border. To address this unique issue to border communities, I would advocate for and push for comprehensive immigration reform and policies that would combat the negative effects of pollution and address the climate crisis.

Women to Win: Traveling in a more environmentally friendly way means investing a lot of money in new infrastructure. As a supporter of the Green New Deal, what sorts of ambitious,

big-money packages would you push for in Congress that would reap exponential dividends in the coming years?

GG: This is something that I have addressed in the Bold Agenda that I released last month. I believe that in conjunction with easing pandemic challenges, we can work to invest in public

transportation to battle climate change. This investment will help create a more sustainable,

clean, and safe way to travel on public transportation. This will be especially beneficial during the pandemic and will ease transportation difficulties for frontline workers.

Additionally, investing in public transportation will open job opportunities for many and we will be able to substantially reduce carbon emissions from cars. Since San Diego is a coastal community, the consequences of a climate crisis would be catastrophic in my district. It is essential to invest in affordable, safe, and clean public transportation to avoid polluting the atmosphere with carbon emissions and make public transportation more accessible to all.

Women to Win: The current president’s administration has made it exceptionally difficult for politicians from different parties to find common ground to work on (and advance) legislation, but if Joe Biden wins, there is a chance that legislative collaboration could increase. What projects do you see as obviously bipartisan that are currently being covered as otherwise?

GG: One of my top priorities is to combat climate change and fight for environmental justice. This must be a bipartisan effort because the consequences of climate inaction will have severe repercussions for everyone. We can clearly see the consequences of the wildfires across California that are affecting thousands of families, regardless of their political affiliation. It is essential for us to find common ground when discussing swift and substantive legislation to tackle climate change and environmental injustice head-on. Trump’s inaction during this global pandemic is risking hundreds of thousands of lives. Climate change and our current public health crisis go hand in hand and I believe that for the security and livelihood of our country, we must create bipartisan legislative change.


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1. https://georgettegomez.org/

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