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In Support of 10.17 Women’s March

Flood Social Media with the Women Running in 2020

The first Women's March was January 21, 2017. It was a protest against the election of President Donald Trump. So many women were offended that 60+ million voted for him after the Access Hollywood tape, after his openly racists comments, after he refused to reveal his business ties, etc. In protest to all of this and more, as many as 5 million people marched in the U.S., and another estimated 7 million marched in one of the 168 sister marches around the world.

We March Again

This Saturday, October 17, 2020, Women's March is organizing another march. Again, the march will protest the Trump presidency, but this one is motivated by the Senate’s plan to begin confirmation hearings for a new Supreme Court Justice to fill RBG's seat. Trump’s appointment of Amy Coney Barrett will shift the balance of the Court even further to the right, jeopardizing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Roe v. Wade, voting rights, marriage equality, and so much more.

Photo courtesy Women's March

So, on this one day, Saturday, October 17th, don’t get distracted by anything Trump says or does. Instead, spend the day supporting the women and men marching in the streets by promoting the women running for office.

On Saturday, October 17th,

  1. Research a candidate in your state. Look at their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts, and repost or retweet or download. Say something positive about the candidate’s campaign.  To see which women are running for U.S. Senate or U.S. Congress or state leadership offices (Governor or Secretary of State), click on Women to Win's Your Candidates page. Choose a state, then read the candidate profiles and use the links to their social media accounts. You can also use the Search feature. Or,

  2. Visit the candidate’s webpage and Share a link to one of your social media accounts. Spread the word and let your circle know who you support. Or, 

  3. Find and share an article with an interview of your candidate or one that explains the state of the race. Focus on the issues or the women running for office. Or,

  4. Use Canva.com template and create a graphic to post on Instagram or Facebook. Please add more candidate pictures and create your own.

Bottomline: we want to see the women running for office. Please post and share however it's easiest for you.

We’ve formed a team for this virtual event.

Click here to join.


IMPORTANT: When you post, include the hashtag:


plus any other hashtags that make sense, such as #doitforRBG, #savetheACA #ifwedontflipthesenatenothingchanges #democraticwomen

When we use #womenswavevirtual, we will see the postings of our team.

Example posts: Twitter



This event is co-sponsored by the

Democrats Abroad Global Women Caucus.

Throughout the Spring and Summer, their Candidate Information Action Team featured many wonderful women as part of their 2020 Women to Win candidate series. To read these profiles, click here. Then, share the link to one of these articles on your Facebook page or Twitter account.

Or, watch one of the candidate webinars by visiting the GWC Facebook page.  

You don't need to join the Women's March team to post and share and promote, but if you do, Women's March can include you in their count. You can demonstrate your power. There's power in numbers.

So, if we can’t be in the streets, we can use this day,

Saturday, October 17th,

to support those who will march in-person in protest. We can generate online excitement and move toward great results on

November 3

We so appreciate you supporting these brave women running for office. 


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