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Noelle Famera - Letting Liberty Enlighten Us and Unite Us

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Who is she?

Noelle Famera is a wife, mother, and small business owner running for Congress as a Democratic candidate to represent Hawaii’s 2nd District. With her business leadership skills and passion for the environment and clean energy solutions, Noelle feels her time is now to run for Congress to represent her constituents. 

WTW: How has your background inspired and equipped you to run for Congress?

Famera: “About 10 years ago, I started with the American Business Women’s Association, and that’s where I learned to fundraise, and coordinate, and how to organize to raise money for a young woman to get an education… And then I got involved with campaigning with presidential candidate Jill Stein and Ron Paul. And so my whole life I’ve been an activist. My whole life I’ve represented myself in the civil justice system, and I’ve won every case. So I decided that I was going to run because we needed representatives that knew how to represent the people and understand the law, and not just people that are established through politics. But, [we need] an actual person who has worked up from poverty and out of poverty into the middle class, someone that really knows what it’s like to start a business and advocate for policy and to defend oneself…”

What is she fighting for?

Noelle is fighting for a sustainable future in Hawaii and the United States, as a whole, in terms of clean energy and protecting the environment. She also hopes to achieve a Universal Basic Income with which everyone can prosper without struggling to get by.

WTW: What are the key voter concerns in your district, and how do you plan to address them?

Famera: “Well the key issues right now are definitely the environment and Hawaiian affairs. I believe that's the biggest concern right now with most of our constituents, as well as the pandemic. So they’re all geared towards public health and how we’re going to take care of our environment and take care of the people living in it. And I think that’s the main concern because we’re seeing legislators not pass legislation that protects the people and protects the environment. And when I say ‘the people’ I also mean our Hawaiian indigenous community… it’s constantly been neglected, and so you’re seeing in our community people wanting elected officials that will address these issues.” 

Why her?

With Noelle’s strong focus on the environment, she intends to reach a whole new population of voters who haven’t been strong voices in past elections. She stresses the importance of voting in local elections because of the direct impact that these elections can have on constituents in fulfilling their needs in their districts.

WTW: Given the current political climate in Hawaii and elsewhere, why might traditionally Republican voters be ready to vote for you?

Famera: “I think that the idea of conservatism is appealing to Republicans, and how we can be conservative by using economic resources to stimulate our economy. And I think that’s where I can get Republicans on board is that I personally have a background in business. And so, when I look at problems, I look at how I’m going to solve these, and how we’re going to make an economic impact… And, recognizing that climate change is partly because of human impact and that we are the sole guardians over protecting our planet. And so if we can all rally against this, whether you’re democrat or republican, or Hawaiian or not, that should be the thing that unites us all; that we all breathe the same air. We all need clean water to survive, and I believe that that speaks to everyone, it doesn’t matter what party you’re in. It’s not really political, it’s a human necessity for survival. So it shouldn’t be politicized, it should be recognized and we should have bipartisan support. I hope to be the first candidate to do that.”

WTW: What is your leadership style, and how will you use it to unite our divided population after the election. Further, what common issues and core beliefs do you believe Hawaiians and Americans can rally around together?

Famera: “My whole platform is [about] uniting. If we want to change something we have to unite, and the whole platform that my campaign stands for is letting liberty enlighten us and unite us. Part of liberty enlightening is that freedom is for everyone, and democracy is how we are able to attain these liberties and freedoms for individuals… I think what we can all rally around is clean water, clean air, clean resources, and a clean environment. Not just that, economic growth. We’re seeing income inequality happen and racial division, and the way to solve this racial gap and income inequality gap is through universal basic income... In terms of universal basic income and climate change action, we can unite, and we can change the paradigm that is destroying our environment and not taking care of humanity...”

How can I support her?

Learn more about Noelle on her website: https://www.electnoelle.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectNoelle/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElectNoelle

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