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So You Wanna Be a Voter? A Voting Resource Guide

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The general election is rapidly approaching. As of today, we are only 54 days away from the most important election of our lives. Less than two months until Tuesday, November 3rd. There is even less time until some Americans can start casting votes by mail or by early voting. 

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As Michelle Obama told us at the Democratic National Convention last month, “we’ve got to vote early, in person if we can. We’ve got to request our mail-in ballots right now, tonight, and send them back immediately and follow-up to make sure they’re received. And then, make sure our friends and families do the same” (1).

It’s coming quickly and there is a lot to know so I am here to offer up as many resources as possible in one short article. This way you can know what you need to know and where to find out more information. You can also share with any friends, family, colleagues and/or acquaintances! 

Here are links, organizations, and action items to help you navigate the rest of the election cycle and make sure you don’t feel like you had more to give come November 4, 2020. 

Important Links

Voter Registration 

In-Person & Early Voting

  • Locate your polling place if you are going to vote in-person with a mask

  • See if you state has early voting & when it starts and closes 

Vote-by-Mail (also known as Absentee Voting)

Helpful Organizations to Follow

These are amazing organizations that consistently put out crucial information and helpful infographics all about voting. They also share more ways to get involved! 

If you promised yourself that you were going to get involved and make sure Donald Trump did not get reelected at any moment between 2016 and today, NOW IS THE TIME! You can still make your voice heard and help amplify others’ voices as well. We have to get out the vote in huge numbers so we can elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, keep the House, and flip the Senate! It can be done, but everyone needs to help in these final days. 

Ways to Volunteer/Help Your Favorite Campaign


  • A super easy way to reach fellow citizens and talk to them about a candidate or voting

  • You can call into your own state or a swing state that speaks to you 

  • Every state’s Democratic party has virtual phone banks and training events so you can do this from your very own couch

  • Even if you commit to calling one day a week into one state leading up to the election, that is a HUGE help - particularly in the swing states 

  • Mobilize is the Deomcatic database for events like this

- You can either google directly or search in Mobilize to get signed up


  • If you don’t feel comfortable calling people, there are textbanks every day too

  • There is a very comprehensive training for Victory 2020 textbanking

  • You don’t have to commit to a specific shift, you can just jump on the site and send texts when you have time


  • If you google the candidate you want to donate to and go to their campaign website or the Secure - ActBlue link, those are safe ways to donate directly! 

Be a Poll Worker

  • There is a huge shortage of poll workers this year because of COVID-19 (2)

  • If you feel able and willing to work on Election Day, sign up to be a poll worker and help your community exercise right to vote 

Ways to Spread the Word

Reach out to your family and friends and make sure they are:

  • Registered to vote

  • Make a voting plan

Serve as a resource for others about this information 

  • Post on social media about reliable voting information 

  • Learn about your voting rights

  • Sign yourself and others up for election reminders so you don’t miss a thing 

Put out a yard sign, place a bumper sticker on your vehicle, wear a vote mask, etc. 

  • Here is the Joe Biden Store

  • You can also order from the website of your favorite Congressional candidates 

  • Buying merchandise also serves as a donation to the campaign 

Let’s get to it! We need everyone to get involved so we can resurrect our democracy and change this nation for the better. If you need some help figuring out who to volunteer for or donate to in your state, check out the incredible women running across the country on Women to Win.


  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/17/democratic-national-convention-read-michelle-obamas-full-remarks.html

  2. https://time.com/5876195/coronavirus-poll-workers-election/

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