• Claire Naughton

Trump’s Predictability, Republican Complacency Could Allow for a Second Blue Wave

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

American voters made international headlines in 2018 when the midterm elections saw record turnout and a sharp uptick in the diversification of the House of Representatives. The “Blue Wave” as it became known, now represents a Democratic battle cry.

Trump, for his part, seems to have largely abandoned the Republican Representatives in the House (1)

This position, resolutely held by his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner (1), is obviously done to concentrate on his own re-election campaign and the increasingly vulnerable Senate seats. (Reminder: Democrats need to flip 3-4 seats and hold all current seats, such as Doug Jones' seat in Alabama, to regain control of the Senate.) This is predictable behavior from a man obsessed, first and foremost, with his own self-image. In Trump’s mind, the worst thing a person could do is associate with losers, and the House Republicans were decidedly the losers in the 2018 election cycle.

Trump’s predictability, here, is also his weakness. If Democrats play it smart and aren’t afraid to get down and rumble with the Republicans, we just might emerge from this wake-up call of a presidency with three blue government branches and enough political acumen to build a new, truly united nation. While some races are long-shot races, this year’s long-shots could be the first, strategic detonations of truth on the pile of hogwash that Republicans have been hiding behind throughout their entire, often gerrymandered incumbencies.

Without the cash flow necessary to prop up their sinking public image through T.V. and radio ads, Republicans are left scrambling to articulate what, exactly, they have done to promote “family values” and “meritocracy” beyond defunding healthcare centers and defunding opportunities for minority communities. And this opening, precisely, is where Democrats, in particular, female Democrats, need to strike.

On ballots across the country are women who have directly faced the unnecessary and petty pushback, outright rejection, or stony silence of Republican legislators who refuse to acknowledge their voices. For example: long before Amy McGrath was Amy McGrath: Democratic Senate Nominee to Challenge Mitch McConnell, she was a little girl who wrote to her Senator, Mitch McConnell (McConnell has been in office for 36 years) asking him to lift the ban on women joining the Marines as fighter pilots. McConnell never replied to her.

This didn’t stop Amy from achieving her dream, and this perfectly illustrates the point: Republicans have become complacent. It was their complacency that allowed the election of a man they themselves scorned when he was just an unqualified candidate in their midst, and it was their complacency that amplified newcomer voices such as Lauren Underwood (IL-14), who ran on campaign platforms based on her lived experience in the district and with specific examples regarding how Republican leadership was lacking.

Now, we have a predictably ego-centric President, panicking Republicans who have been startled out of complacency, all combined with a general habit of legislative laziness (3) and cruelty

Last term, Democrats flipped 41 seats in the House (4). The Republicans have dismissed this entire branch as a lost cause, instead choosing to focus on voter suppression tactics in general (5), meaning that they are at their wit’s end. The entire country can feel another Blue Wave building—that’s why the Fox News commentators are so angry all the time. We, Democratic voters and Independent voters, and People Who Don't Usually Vote but are Tired of Feeling Like They Have Hypertension Thanks to Trump, must keep our cool.

Turn off the news, whatever you’re watching. Submerge yourself in blue—submerge yourself in the details and stories of the women who haven’t given-up on the idea of our country and are back again, whether to be re-elected (such as Lucy McBath GA-06, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), or running for round two after making the incumbent sweat in 2018 (such as Gina Ortiz Jones TX-23), or have just joined the fray this cycle (such as Shannon Freshour OH-04 who is challenging one of President Trump's most ardent supporters, Jim Jordan).

Like Trump, the news is predictable. Unlike Trump, there are dozens of female candidates vying for real change and working tirelessly to make their voices heard—so that yours can be too, and not just for one day in November, but for years to come.


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