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Wendy Davis ~ Running to Win

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Running to Represent Texas' 21st

Who is she?

We got to know Wendy Davis back in 2013 when her “remarkable” filibuster in the Texas legislature went viral. Standing in her beloved pink sneakers for 13 hours, Davis stood up to block the passage of a bill that would have closed most of the clinics in Texas that provided abortions. That may have been her most famous fight, but Davis has been fighting for women, for healthcare, for education and for Texans her whole life.

What is she fighting for?

In Davis’s own words she is running “to be a voice for those who are forgotten and, worse, ignored.” Her campaign is for hardworking people who can’t get ahead because of the structural barriers in healthcare, education, and housing. Prior to running for Congress, Davis founded Deeds not Words. Per her instagram, it's “an intersectional community that stands for women’s social and economic opportunity, access to reproductive health, freedom from sexual assault, and equal representation in every space and at every level”. In addition to championing women’s rights and equality for all, Davis takes an intersectional approach to the climate crises, supporting investment in wind energy jobs in Texas.

Why her?

Texas has been trending more and more purple - no longer a red state bastion for Republicans. Since 2016, Democrats and progressive candidates have been making inroads. The TX-21 legislative district has been solidly Republican (and heavily gerrymandered) for decades. But the current representative is vulnerable, and his recent vote against the Covid-19 recovery bill shouldn’t help him. Political media in Texas anticipates that Davis’s progressive stances will help her in particular against the Republican who holds the seat; he has been among the critics demanding that the country “reopen” before there is evidence it is safe. Davis has collected endorsements from Brady PAC, End Citizens United, NARAL, and the League of Conservation Voters, as well as numerous state and local groups in Texas.

Ballotpedia rates the election as one of the 2020 “battlegrounds.” Davis pulled slightly ahead of her opponent in fundraising in 2020, despite most analysis rating the race as “Lean Republican” or “Likely Republican.”

How can I support her?

Visit Wendy Davis’s official website

Volunteer with the Davis' campaign

Follow Wendy Davis on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

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