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Women to Paint the Senate Blue

Paulette Jordan


Paulette has a robust background in public service. After serving on the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council, representing Idaho’s 5th district in the state’s House of Representatives, and becoming the 2018 democratic nominee for Governor, she is now running to unseat incumbent Republican Senator Jim Risch. 

Paulette has demonstrated leadership and trailblazing as the only Democrat representing Northern Idaho in the state legislature during her tenure, the first woman nominated for Governor in the state, and the first Native American to be nominated for Governor in the country. Despite Solid Republican forecasts (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020), Paulette’s campaign is fighting hard to once again earn the vote of Idahoans and represent them, this time in Washington, this November. 

Read more about Paulette here

Theresa Greenfield


Theresa is running in this swing state to unseat Republican incumbent Senator Joni Ernst. With roots in rural Iowa, she gives Democrats a chance to continue to represent Iowans in Washington after flipping two congressional seats in 2018. Theresa has been endorsed by EMILY’s List, the DSCC, NARAL, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, illustrating her wide recognition as a progressive running to represent the rights of women. 

Having risen in the polls against Ernst, Theresa is challenging ‘Lean Republican’ race forecasts (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020). In May, she trailed Ernst by just one point in a poll from Public Policy Polling (FiveThirtyEight, May 2020). 

Read more about Theresa here and visit here.

Barbara Bollier


Barbara cares deeply about helping people, as demonstrated by her career as a doctor and as a public servant. Her dedication to helping people and fixing broken systems led her to join the Democratic Party after determining, “Morally the [Republican Party] is not going where my compass resides. I’m looking forward to  being in a party that represents the ideals that I do, including Medicaid expansion and funding our K-12 schools” (The Hill December 2020).

Having captured endorsements from  EMILY’s List, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood, and the DSCC, Dr. Bollier is running to fill a vacant seat held by Republican Senator Pat Roberts for the last 23 years. Before heading to the polls on November 3, Barbara needs our support in her primary on August 4, 2020. 

Recent polls from both May and June show Bollier neck and neck with Republican challengers ranging from +2 to -1 points (FiveThirtyEight April 2020 and June 2020). Political forecasters project Kansas as Lean Republican/Lean Republican/Likely Republican (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020), but Barbara’s numerous endorsements and recent polls show promise for Kansas Democrats. 

Read more about Barbara here

Amy McGrath


Amy is on a mission to flip the seat held by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the last 35 years. The retired US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel is running an impressive grassroots campaign, raising $5.3 million more than McConnell in the first quarter of 2020. With an average donation in the $30 range, she rose to meet the amount of cash on hand held by the 35 year incumbent (The Hill April 2020). 

Amy’s polling numbers are further challenging the status quo. With the backing of the DSCC, Amy ties McConnell in a February poll from Change Research and trails McConnell in a February poll from Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group (FiveThirtyEight March 2020). 

Such a lead on first quarter fundraising and Amy’s strength in the polls against McConnell are a good sign for Democrats in Kentucky and a reason to keep an eye on this race despite forecasts of the Likely Republican/Solid Republican/Likely Republican race (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020).

Read more about Amy here

Sara Gideon


The Senate race Maine is a landmark election for those who are looking for more proportional gender representation in Congress. Sara is running to unseat Republican incumbent Senator Susan Collins but first must win her July 14, 2020 primary against Betsy Sweet and the first openly non-binary candidate for U.S. Senate, Bre Kidman. 

Sara’s endorsements from EMILY’s List, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood signal her dedication to championing women’s rights and make her an outstanding candidate to fight alongside. The DSCC backed candidate reported raising $7.1 million in the first quarter of 2020, propelling herself ahead of Senator Collins who reported $2.4 in fundraising to the FEC (The Hill April 2020). 

This ‘Toss Up’ race (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020) is one to pay close attention to. Sara leads Collins in the latest March poll from Public Policy Polling 47-43 (FiveThirtyEight May 2020), bringing further excitement to this toss-up race that Democrats have a good chance of flipping.

Read more about Sara here

Tina Smith


Senator Tina Smith is running for reelection after winning a special election for the seat left vacant by then Senator Al Franken in 2018. After serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, Smith now proudly represents the people of Minnesota in Washington. 

Before continuing her tenure in Washington, Senator Smith will face four primary opponents in the Minnesota Democratic Primary on August 11, 2020. Following the primary, Smith will campaign against the Republican nominee, potentially the former Republican Representative Jason Lewis. Lewis has stood in for Rush Limbaugh on his popular conservative radio show over the years, once saying on air that women are “guided by emotion, not reason. Why, that’s why they didn’t have the vote for a full century in the country” among other misogynistic comments (CNN 2018). Thankfully, former Representative Lewis served only one term before Representative Angie Craig flipped Minnesota’s 2nd district blue in 2018. 

One of six women running for Senate endorsed by EMILY’s List, Senator Smith is an advocate for reproductive rights and is the only U.S. Senator who has worked for Planned Parenthood. The Senator is also recognized by NARAL for her advocacy for reproductive freedom and as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community by the HRC.

This Minnesota race is projected to be ‘Likely Democratic’ or ‘Solid Democratic’ (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020), but after Hillary Clinton’s win by just a 1.5% margin in 2016, Democrats need to focus on holding support in Minnesota in 2020. 

Read more about Tina here

Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire

Senator Jeanne Shaheen embodies what it means to be a woman who wins. Jeanne served as New Hampshire’s first female Governor, the state’s first female U.S. Senator, and is the first woman to serve as a state Governor and Senator in U.S. History. 

Now running to represent the state of New Hampshire for a third term, Jeanne’s track record speaks for itself - her long-running political career has shown her to be a hard-working public servant who is dedicated to doing what’s best for both the state of New Hampshire and the U.S at large. Jeanne has captured endorsements from EMILY’s List and from Senator Elizabeth Warren for her progressive focus and her dedication to fighting for working families. 

Even in this forecasted democratic stronghold race (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020), the swing state of New Hampshire deserves our attention. As one of only a dozen Democratic U.S Senators up for election in November, holding Senator Shaheen’s office is vital to ensuring that we are able to flip the Senate in November. 

Read more about Jeanne here

Abby Broyles


Abby is known across the state of Oklahoma for her work in investigative journalism at the NBC affiliate of Oklahoma City. After winning her primary in June, she will be campaigning to flip a red seat held by Senator Jim Inhofe for 25 years. 

With a degree in law and a professional career in law and journalism, Abby is running to work across the aisle and represent all Oklahomans. Despite political forecasts of Oklahoma as a ‘Solid’ or ‘Safe Republican’ race (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato July 2020), Abby’s energy and household familiarity makes this an exciting race to support. As Abby says, in his 25 years, Senator Inhofe “has never run against a strong, independent woman like me.” 

Read more about Abby here

Marquita Bradshaw


Marquita is of two Democratic women vying for the seat left vacant by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander. She and four other Democrats will face off in the party primary on August 6, 2020, while more than ten Republicans will compete in their own primary. Ultimately, the nominees will run to represent the people of Tennessee against nine Independent candidates in November. 

An involved activist and advocate, Marquita has served her community through her career and volunteer service in the areas of labor, environmentalism, education, tax reform, trade policy, and social justice. Marquita is passionate about environmental justice and The Green New Deal and has received recognition for her commitment by organizations, including the Sierra Club. She is also supportive of overturning Citizens United and protecting democracy by advocating for automatic voter registration and ending partisan gerrymandering. 

Read more about Marquita here

Robin Kimbrough Hayes


Robin is one of two Democratic women running to represent Tennessee in the seat left vacant by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander. The Democratic primary will take place on August 6, 2020, when Robin will face just four other Democrats vying for the nomination to campaign for the people of Tennessee until November. 

Robin has been fighting to protect survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as children and families her entire career. As an active leader in her ministry and as a lawyer, she has been a fierce advocate for social justice, championing issues of poverty, criminal justice reform, and women’s issues. Robin is now running to represent the people of Tennessee in Washington and fight for access to health care, criminal justice reform, gun violence prevention, support for women, families, and children, labor rights, and a peaceful approach to foreign relations. 

Read more about Robin here

MJ Hegar


MJ is running to unseat Republican incumbent John Cornyn but she must first win the Democratic runoff on July 14, 2020, against Democratic challenger Royce West. 

As an Air Force combat search and rescue and medevac pilot, MJ served three tours in Afghanistan. After being injured during a rescue mission, MJ was awarded the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor and returned home to advocate for more gender-equitable policies in the military. Her knack for working across the aisle makes her a powerful leader and poised to do well in the increasingly purple state of Texas.

MJ raised $1.6 million in the first quarter of 2020, outraising her runoff opponent by around $1.2 million (Texas Tribune April 2020), and has picked up endorsements from the DSCC, EMILY's List, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Read more about MJ here

Paula Jean Swearengin

West Virginia

Paula Jean is running to represent West Virginians by challenging Republican incumbent Senator Shelley Moore Capito. A community activist from an Appalachian coal-mining family, Paula Jean won her 2020 primary against two men, Army veteran and former West Virginia State Senator Richard Ojeda and Army veteran and former Mayor of South Charleston Richie Robb, proving that Democratic women and grassroots activism has a place in West Virginia. 

Paula Jean received national attention after running for the Democratic Senate nomination in 2018 against Senator Joe Manchin III. Her race was featured in the 2019 Netflix documentary “Knock Down the House” which also heavily featured Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14). In the 2018 West Virginia primaries, even coming in second behind Senator Manchin, Swearengin earned more votes than Republican nominee Patrick Morrisey in his own Republican Primary. In 2020, Paula Jean is reactivating her enthusiastic support and giving a voice to West Virginians who support the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, focusing on hard-working and hard-hit coal mining communities like her own.

Read more about Paula Jean here

Merav Ben-David


Dr. Merav Ben-David is running to bring science to the Senate. Trained in Biology, Zoology, and Wildlife Management and a professor at the University of Wyoming, Merav never imagined running for office as part of her life’s plan. But after realizing that a lack of political will was preventing Washington from taking action on environmental issues, she knew her expertise could make a difference. In 2020, Merav is running to represent the people of Wyoming in the U.S. Senate. 

Dr. Ben-David’s platform is centered around the future of Wyoming. From ‘futureproofing Wyoming’ by expanding the state’s economy beyond fossil fuel production to ‘taking care of Wyomingites’ by focusing on working families, mental health and gun safety, veterans, gender equality, reproductive health, and indigenous peoples to celebrating public lands, wide-open spaces, and wildlife and ranching, or, ‘the Wyoming way of life’, Merav is committed to representing the state she has called home for over 20 years. 

While the race is forecasted as Republican stronghold (Cook/Inside Elections/Sabato May 2020), the people of Wyoming have an opportunity to vote for Dr. Merav Ben-David to show their commitment to protecting the beauty of their home state. Merav will face five other Democrats in the state’s primary on August 18, 2020, before challenging a Republican opponent for the seat left vacant by Senator Mike Enzi. 

Read more about Merav here

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